“I’m Not Moving Forward!?”
Written by Tammy K. Mock-Andrejowich on March 4th, 2019
Have you ever been in a situation that was uncomfortable and reoccurring, and still you were not able to get a handle on it?  

In the past, I have experienced many such situations. Such as, 

…being able to get my 4-year-old daughter ready for kindergarten stress-free - every single morning… 
Or caring for banal household duties with appreciation, rather than with resentment… 
Or being irked by that certain co-worker, and not being able to shake my disdain… 
Or needing to start on that next project and just not being able to define it… 

Being blocked and experiencing blockages is really stressful. We can imagine that something else is possible. As if an alternative exists that dances before our eyes, and we just can grasp it. So the situation repeats and repeats, our dissatisfaction and possibly also frustration increase and increase, and we get deeper and deeper drawn into a hole of negative self-talk or resentment, and believing that life is against us or that there is something wrong with us and becoming more distracted by comparing ourselves, our past, and our future, with those around us. This is a stressful situation. It can last minutes, days, weeks, months, years, and even whole lifetimes. Then, in such situations, it is nearly impossible to be creative, open and flowing through the day when caught in a situation like this. 

Last week, clients brought the statement, “I need the courage to let go”. While sitting with this statement, we witnessed how this thought opened up a whole world of beliefs. The world of beliefs brought up physical sensations of anxiety, being trapped, and pressure on the chest. These sensations limited the actions that could be taken, increased the shame, and generated more isolating and retaining situations. The downward spiral continued recreating itself. 

While contemplating who they would be without that thought, they noticed that they were free to take action, with or without courage, and that the original need for courage even completely disappeared. 

I love noticing my blockages. Even when they are sometimes silent, I notice them in my behaviour, in my choices, tendencies, and habits. Blockages are mirrored everywhere in life. The only way I’ve experienced to escape blockages - no matter how frightening, ginormous they appear or intimidating they are - is to confront them with loving understanding. When met with loving understanding, the blockages dissipate, and while so doing, open up space for dazzlement. I invite you to let your blockages serve you, and step into peace and a world that is previously inconceivable. 

My favourite quote on this topic is by Byron Katie, and it reads: “The sky is not the limit. It is the eye that perceives the sky that is the limit”. 

Thank you for sharing your time. 

In adoration to you and your story, your Tammy

Tammy Ketura

Tammy is a peace expert. She helps Moms and Women wo have been in bed with a person demonstrating narcissistic personality disorder, transform their fate. She makes things super simple to understand. What used to cause tremendous suffering can begin to open up to peace, freedom, and resourcefullness -- Now!

If you, or your company, are interested in inviting your stress' and blockages' to serve you and start transforming your fate, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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