What is That Physical Sensation?
Written by Tammy Ketura on March 3rd, 2019
What is That Physical Sensation?

Have you ever wondered what stress is? People often talk about “stress”. Yet naming and identifying what stress actually is, often remains evasive.

“According to WedMD, 75 to 90 percent of all visits to primary-care doctors are for stress-related complaints. I can certainly attest to the validity of this from my own years in practice” (Christiane Northrup, M.D., Dodging Energy Vampires, p. 46. 2018).

Let me ask you, have you ever felt:

- trapped - even though you were free (as opposed to being behind bars)?
- downward pressure on your shoulders, maybe even a pinching sensation (and no one was pushing down on you or pinching your shoulders)?
- a sour tummy, even nauseousness, after receiving information? 
- the shock from a particular situation and noticed yourself replaying the situation over and over in your mind again and again for hours or days or weeks or months or years after the situation was over?
- startled by a thought that sets your heart pounding and jarred out of your sleep?
- pressure on your chest, feeling like your breathing is restricted, or being choked (even though no one and nothing was choking you) during a particular situation? 
- an inner sensation pulling you down, maybe even like you are drowning?
- anxiety about the future?
- sad or depressed about the past?
- like you were listening to someone speak and did not hear what they were saying?
- that life is painful, unfair, and everything is happening to you?

These are examples of physical sensations that indicate stress.

Stress develops when what we are thinking and believing goes against what is, or against our true nature. Our true nature is love. Stress is an unnatural sensation. Our mind and body do everything possible to correct the unnatural state of stress. Some of these tactics are numbing, changing the topic, avoiding situations, analyzing, being dead set active on changing the situation, manipulating, or also distracting oneself, etc., etc., etc., These tactics produce other stress-filled habits, like consuming caffeine, sugar, smoking, or other stimulants, and products to helps us “feel” good and keep us "feeling" productive. And these habits produce other negative side effects that are carried out over our body, our actions, our potentials, and our world.

Who would you be in your stressful situation without stressful thoughts?

Clients and seminar participants answers range across the continuum of “free”, “present”, “relaxed”, “creative”, “enjoying”, “participating”, “satisfied”, “loving”, and “appreciating”, towards themselves, the others, and the situation.

Back in the day when the shit hit the fan in my life, the stressful sensations overwhelmed my life and began to destroy my body. And before that, I believed that peace was something that took place “out there”. Life matured me. Now, I have experienced that peace is something that takes place “in here”. The body follows the mind. Now, I relish that have one purpose: that is to facilitate groups and individuals to enable them to invite their stress to serve themselves, and to enable them to serve themselves peace. There is nothing else I would rather do.

I invite you to invite your stress to serve you.

I invite you to contact me, and we can start right away.

Tammy Ketura

Tammy is a peace expert. She helps Moms and Women wo have been in bed with a person demonstrating narcissistic personality disorder, transform their fate. She makes things super simple to understand. What used to cause tremendous suffering can begin to open up to peace, freedom, and resourcefullness -- Now!

If you, or your company, are interested in inviting your stress' and blockages' to serve you and start transforming your fate, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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