About Tammy Ketura Mock-Andrejowich
Tammy Ketura Mock-Andrejowich is a Peace Expert. She is an entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Canada. She is fluent in German, English, and French. She understands the difference between what hurts and what does not. Tammy has her MA in International Peace Studies, BA in Sociology and Conflict Resolution, and is Certified Facilitator (ITW) and Lehrcoach (VtW) in The Work of Byron Katie® and Inquiry Based Stress Reduction®. Since 2008 she resides in Switzerland and lives together with her daughter. 

After studing practices to peacefully address conflict and violence, she found her life caught in the crossfire of her own business and marital symbiotic relationship. During this time she experienced the excalating effects of the very conflict resolution methods she studied. Through this complex destructive life system, she noticed that she needed to make peace her business and completely independent of the events surrounding. And she did just that. 

Having experienced the destructive effects of stress on the body and on the life system, she has only one purpose left in life: to transform pain, suffering, stress, trauma, victimhood, violence, pain, and suffering, one thought at a time. 

She personally invites you to:

lean in. 
get personal. 
invite yourself into the life of your dreams. 
invite yourself into a world where everything is happening for you, rather than to you. 

Tammy's clients seek freedom irregardless whether they are motivated by private or professional contexts. 

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